Javed Bashir

Empowering Our Community, Together

Vision for Spen Valley

Javed's campaign is focused on several key areas that reflect the needs and aspirations of the Spen Valley community:

  • Economic Development and Job Creation: Creating local jobs and supporting small businesses, fostering economic growth and prosperity.
  • Healthcare and Social Services: Improving access to healthcare and mental health services is a top priority.
  • Education and Youth Opportunities: Enhancing educational facilities and ensuring every child has access to quality education.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Promoting green initiatives and sustainable practices to protect our local environment.
  • Infrastructure and Transport: Investing in better transport links and infrastructure improvements to make Spen Valley more accessible and connected.
  • Community Empowerment and Engagement: Empowering local voices to shape the future, building a stronger, united community.

Support Javed Bashir:

Empowering Spen Valley Together

Javed is a dedicated, passionate, and independent candidate for the Spen Valley constituency in the 2024 General Election. His campaign is driven by a vision of unity, progress, and community empowerment.

The upcoming election has been labelled many things: the immigration election, the cost-of-living election, the revolt election. What is evident is that the established political parties focus on division, erecting barriers between communities, and obscuring the collective failures of past governments. Elected members seem more interested in their vested interests, overlooking the most crucial aspect: the underrepresentation of the people and their priorities. This must change, and it will change. With your support, we will empower the community together and make this vision a reality!


About Javed Bashir

Javed, born and bred in Yorkshire, has spent over two decades working on global projects across various industries. Holding a Master’s degree in Innovation, he has served as an Innovation Advisor at the University of York and as the Innovation Growth Manager at the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Leeds City Region.

Javed has led significant projects such as FI-STAR, a European healthcare initiative addressing the ageing population crisis by bringing healthcare closer to home. He has also worked on a major energy project in Sierra Leone, developing solutions for the energy crisis and creating opportunities in the deregulated energy sector across Africa. Javed is a trustee of the John Stuart Mill Institute.

Javed’s deep-rooted connection to Yorkshire fuels his ambition to make Spen Valley a beacon of economic and social prosperity, with a global outlook. He is committed to fostering local community prosperity and addressing structural inequalities.

More importantly, Javed is a strong advocate for international law and human rights and has been openly vocal about breaches in international law in conflicts around the world. Whether it’s the ongoing conflicts in Gaza, Ukraine, Sudan, Pakistan, India, or elsewhere, Javed is deeply disturbed by the flagrant abuses and the global community's acquiescence. As a proponent of international rules-based systems and values, he is committed to challenging these issues head-on.

Why We Need Your Help

We are raising money to print General Election leaflets for the Spen Valley constituency for the 2024 election. Royal Mail will deliver one leaflet free of charge, ensuring that every household in the constituency receives our message. This leaflet is a crucial tool in reaching out to the community, sharing Javed’s vision, and encouraging voter participation.


Join Javed in Empowering Spen Valley

Javed’s candidacy represents a commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and practical solutions tailored to the unique needs of Spen Valley. By supporting our campaign, you are contributing to a brighter future where our community thrives.

Let’s come together to empower our community and build a better Spen Valley. Your support can make all the difference. Donate today and be a part of this transformative journey!

Thank you for your support!

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