Parliamentary Spokesperson


Liberal Democrats Calder Valley

Javed papi

My Background

I was born in Elland and have lived here all my life. My roots are firmly anchored in Calder Valley.

My grandfather came to Elland to fulfil the need of textile workers in the 1960’s. I attended local primary schools and then The Brooksbank School before obtaining a place at the University of Huddersfield. I graduated with an Honours Degree in Business Administration and Master’s Degree in Innovation with Entrepreneurial Studies.

I am married with four children, my wife Naseem whom I met in Leeds, together we have three boys and a girl. Naseem was previously a school teacher and currently works as a Manager at Telecoms company and spends her spare time helping Schools as a teaching assistant.

I am an Innovation & Funding Specialist with a passion for change and restoring the economic prosperity of our local communities. I have over 20 years experience working in industry in various sectors from helping launch start-ups to business transformation of global organisations.

I took the decision to get involved in local politics and now national politics primarily down to the frustration felt with the lack of progress and impact of austerity of our local communities. I always felt local voices were not being listened to and decisions were void of wider public participation. Doing nothing wasn’t an option any longer. 

I set my stand to put forward a clear vision to get local decision making on the agenda and bring back control from Central Goverment to where priorities would best be addressed. 

The Brexit decision is also a key factor in all this. I have seen first hand how being a member of the European Union has benefits our region, hence the decision to leave has never sat well with me. The wider regions which includes Calder Valley benefits from funded projects to help businesses and opens up market access to the worlds largest established Market. 60% of our manufacturing base exports to the EU and this is being put at risk. 

At the same time, I completely acknowledge there have been failures and the pinch ordinary people have felt over the past 10 years which has lead to the decision. My view on this are pretty well known, and will add we need to fix the underlying causes rather than the symptoms.

Refreshing Change

Change is needed desperately, we need to start working together and give the residents more control and voices at the local level. Decisions are made by other from an arms lengths and the people are expected to just accept what they decide. Consultation do not fully take onboard opinions and views that directly impact the local areas, it’s a constant struggle and battle.

On a Regional Level, my main message is Simple to fast track the Yorkshire Devolution Deal. This delay in costing us in many ways but it need to get to the top of the list. We need strong leadership working in Central Goverment to push this from the inside.



Parliamentary Candidate

Liberal Democrats Calder Valley

August 2019


Elland & District Partnership (EDP)

June, 2018

UK/EU Programme Lead eHealth Care

Future Internet - Social Technical Alignment Research

January, 2014

September, 2019

Innovation Adviser

University of York

July, 2019

Innovation Growth Manager

West Yorkshire Combined Authority (LEP)

May, 2015

Technical Adviser

West Africa Energy Authority

The lack of PROGRESS was my reason for joining politics.

It was the issue that drove me to Action.

After years of frustration, failure and disappointment with the establishment, my only choice was to do something myself. I started off working with the existing organisations that, one thing led to another and the rest is history.