Boris Johnson running scared of a public inquiry

Responding to the Prime Minister’s latest COVID 19 press conference, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey MP said:

“Boris Johnson says there will come a time to learn the lessons of the pandemic, but the public will rightly ask, if not now, then when?

“The best time to learn lessons and prevent the most deaths is today. The Prime Minister can’t tell us exactly when schools will return safely, can’t tell us when most of the country will be offered a vaccine and can’t tell us when the current lockdown will end. What would make us think that he has any idea of when this pandemic will be over?

“The Prime Minister’s insistence that there will be some definitive end point to the pandemic just isn’t borne out by the science and is actively contradicted by his own scientific advisors. It looks increasingly like Boris Johnson just delaying the inevitable inquiry for his own political ends, because he knows full well just how badly this Government has let the country down.”

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