It’s been a long three and a half years since the Referendum 2016 to leave the EU was held. We have put our domestic agenda and the real issues that matter on the back burner and this will continue unless this is settled once and for all.

The Liberal Democrats at their party conference 2019 passed a policy to officially revoke Article 50, if and I must stress if the Liberal Democrats win a General Election with a majority. Until such a time we will continue to seek a Peoples Vote on any deal that is put forward. This decision was predominantly based on the Governments stance to crash out with a no-deal Brexit.

18 times the Liberal Democrats put forward a motion for a peoples vote which was dismissed by the Conservative Government but also the Opposition of the Labour Party. The most recent one was days before the General Election bill was being voted on, which was ignored again.

The procrastination of the official opposition has in a large part brought us to the brink of the situation – where the UK will hold a winter General Election for the first time in also a century.

It is no longer a myth that Brexit will impact our country and our region adversely, even the most staunch Leavers acknowledge this and think this risk is worth its while. For me, this is a risk too far, the risk to lives, the economy, jobs and our future generations is not worth the blighted campaign to leave the European Union.

I have been actively pushing for a Peoples Vote to confirm every deal that was negotiated, even though I disagreed with them on the facts, not emotion; two Prime Ministers, three Withdrawl Agreements, dozens of debates on and we are no clearer of what Brexit is in categorical terms. What we do know is that t Brexit means major disruptions for everyone, in every sphere of society. It is irresponsible and I find it concerning that other candidates are taking a laid back approach to this.

Calder Valley as a constituency will be heavily contested by the main parties of which Liberal Democrats will be the only Remain-supporting party that is willing to Revoke Article 50 to allow the people to decide with a mandate for doing so. Liberal Democrats are not a one policy party and never have been. We have a wide berth of policies that address every aspect of society and Government functions.

I want to highlight what is emerging as a direct result of brexit and address specific policy areas in the policy sections.

Over 10,000 Signed Revoke A50
Calderdale is split
but not disunited
Calder Valley is a mix economy
54% Exports go to the EUCalderdale’s GDP is £125m 25% of UK GDP
£1.6m Direct EU Funding
£100m Cuts to Local Authorities . EU Funding Provided for
Flood Defences and more.

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