My Position

The Economy – is the bread and butter of Calder Valley and regions across the country. SME’s make up 99.8% of all businesses in the country. It is the lifeblood of our prosperity and for that reason, this is my top priority. If we do not get our trade models right, we don’t support businesses and if they subsequently fail, everything else falls apart and the people end up relying on a Government to bail us out. See. Economic Policy

The opportunities are vast and are not being exploited as vigorously as they can. There are a dozen of national projects of strategic interest that is being made available to businesses.

Northern PowerHouse
Connected Places
High Streets Fund
UKRI – The UK’s Research Agency
DASA – The UK’s Defence Accelerator

All of them have massive funding opportunities for project for individuals and local authorities ot tap into for to develop projects, the solution to kick start the local economic activities – yet very few hear about them or know about how to tap into them.

LibDem Policy

Visit this site to see the national policy in Liberal Democrats Manifesto – Economy & Business

Calder Valley Impact

The local economy has stagnated to the point of Collapse. There are a hand full of towns that are prospering but the majority just see high-streets vanquish into the ether. Calder Valley is considered as a ‘More Developed’ area of the region unlike some of our neighbours that are ‘transformational’ that require extra support because of decimated industries. We have a very mixed economy and geographic – part of which is the fact the borough of Calderdale is split into two constituencies (Calder Valley and Halifax) and a quite possibly the priorities in getting a good deal is splits by party politics.

The local council has a Labour majority since the most recent local council elections, prior to which we had the following hung parliament with a mix of all three main parties partaking. Things have changed since then. Labour introduced a Development Boards in each ward that were given a funds to stimulate the local economies, these have been epic failures. They are poorly attended, they level of transparency is poor. Almost three years in and the


We will lose big time if we allow this to happen. We are looking at a minus 2.5 per cent hit on the local economy GDP with a no-deal Brexit and a minus 1.3 per cent with any kind of deal.

The Uk receives circa.£4.4Bn from ESIF/ERDF (European Structural Investment Fund / European Regional Development Fund). Calderdale has benefitted and continues t benefits from the fund as the local organisation and authorities tap into this pot to provide the much needed investment for industry.

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