My Position

More vocational education with specialist schools to build on the key skills missing from industry: manufacturing, engineering, practical expertise. I work at a University and have some insights into

Tuition fees in Higher Education is something want to address separately, I have always been against tuition fees and it’s something as Liberal Democrats we have to put our hands up and say we messed up and broke a promise. When this decision was taken, I was not a member of the Liberal Democrats, let alone a Parliamentary Candidate, but I stand by my position of the policy being a mistake – and I pledge to right this wrong.

Provisions for children between 2 and 5 need to be addressed urgently, not just in schools but outside schools as well. It is evident that early intervention makes life-changing differences to every child that receives it.

LibDem Policy

Visit this site to see the national policy in Liberal Democrats Manifesto – Education

Calder Valley Impact

Schools are massively underfunded, overstretched, teachers overworked to breaking point. Children across the board are being failed. We have some exemplary schools and every school is doing its level best. The schools need more funding, support, teachers, resources, better building facilities, more capacity which all requires a commitment from Central Government, Local Authorities.


Brain drain is the immediate effect – we lose out on millions from oversea students if we allow Brexit to happen – this is a more national picture but he impact is stark. If Brexit happens, we will be forcing more misery for generations to come to start with the life chances of our children.

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