My Position

Crime is on the rise, more needs to be done. The 20,000 extra police that was announced is a welcome relief but far shorter than what is necessary or needed to tackle the systemic culling of the police for over the past decade. The evidence is there with study after study showing that the root causes of crime need to be addressed and firm punishment for the most serious of crimes.

From personal experience, there was a time I had 999 on speed dial growing up – that is no state to be growing up in. Some of the root causes are so simple when you talk about them that includes the seriously neglected Youth Services, access to safe spaces for kids to go hang out. Attitudes have also changed some for the better, others for the worst.

Austerity must also be considered, especially when funding cuts to the local authorities can no longer sustain activities. A wholesale review is required to address these shortcomings. There are some brilliant people that go out of their way day in and day out to make our communities safer. We need to bolster these efforts.

LibDem Policy

Visit this site to see the national policy in Liberal Democrats Manifesto – Rights.

Calder Valley Impact

More crimes going unreported needs to be resolved, more needs to be done to curb this and other extreme violence that exists in the community.

The reading of the reported crimes is shocking for Calder Valley, (See Here). 36% of all reported crimes are of the serious nature ‘violence and Sexual offences’. Public and individual safety is clearly a threat for safety and this shines a bad light on the national picture for our communities.


Risk of far right-right and other extreme elements are taking advantage of the country during this chaotic period. We just do not know, but if we take into account some of the baseline scenarios from the YellowHammer report. Whatever measures are in place, could radically change. I have complete faith in the authorities to address any challenges, yet we must not expose them to unnecessary risks.

The risk of the border between the Republic of Ireland and Nothern Ireland has been flagged as a high-risk situation where organised crime which is an already existing problem will become unmanageable.

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