My Position

Cut carbon emissions and invest more in the root causes. Everything that generates carbon emission serves a purpose and that purpose serves the people. Simply cutting with no viable alternative is wrong. We must become once again the industrious people that we are and seek to solve those challenges and exploit those new opportunities. National schemes such as the H21 will lead the way to a Green Revolution of which I am at the forefront.

LibDem Policy

Visit this site to see the national policy in Liberal Democrats Manifesto – Environment

Calder Valley Impact

If after the investment of £110 million in flood defence funding secured for Calderdale Council, I will be extremely annoyed if the flood defences don’t future proof our communities, houses, businesses from future climate change threats. The local council are stuck between a rock and hard place, the council works extremely hard to deliver services, yet with over £100million in government cuts and now a majority Labour Local Authority, the responsibility sits squarely with them. I will help support them in all capacities to ensure they deliver the services we need.


Diverging environmental standards is on the table with the current deal, something that was going to be enshrined in law is now optional which more damaging. This allows the current nad or future Governments to cut corners, increase climate events and much more if we do not stop Brexit.

We will also get cut out of the EUSF (European Union Solidarity Fund), the insurance policy that is currently being oversubscribed by our Europeans partners such as Italy and Spain, not because they are more favoured but due to the lack of foresight of the Government. This was instrumental in the rebuilding of the Elland Bridge that collapsed on Boxing Day in 2015. Over £5 million was provided by the EU to restore this vital landmark.

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