Realistic approaches to reducing CO2 emissions from cement and concrete webinar – Wednesday 27th October

Professor Karen Scrivener explores practical solutions for reducing CO2 emissions from cement and concrete Realistic Approaches to Reducing CO2 Emissions from Cement and Concrete Transforming Foundation Industries Network+

Transforming Foundation Industries Network+ presents the latest webinar in the series ‘Blue Skies, Green Future’, presenting ideas and innovation to spark discussion on the topic of transformation and sustainability within the Foundation Industries.
Cement and concrete production accounts for some 7-8% of annual CO2 emissions worldwide. This can be attributed almost solely to the incredibly large volumes produced, as concrete has an intrinsic carbon footprint which is lower than most alternative materials. Nevertheless, there is still considerable scope for reduction, which is critical if we are to achieve carbon neutrality by mid century.

Here, Professor Karen Scrivener will look at practical solutions to reducing CO2 emissions in the cement and concrete sectors.
*Speaker profile*

Professor Karen Scrivener is a material chemist known for her pioneering works in cementitous materials. She is the head of Laboratory of Construction Materials at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, and has served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Cement and Concrete Research Journal for 15 years.
We hope to see you there! 14:00-15:00 October 2021 27 REGISTER .

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