My Position

The NHS is the crown jewel of our nation and is one of the best in the world. Contrary to common belief, the NHS was set up by the Liberals after the war. We must do everything to support and protect it. Digital NHS is the future of better Health Care. I have supported projects working with NIHR the nation’s largest funder of health and care research, providing the people, facilities and technology for research to thrive. Find treatments for Dementia is a direct example, especially in an ageing society where we are living longer.

Improving mental health provision is a priority for me. I want to invest more funding in mental health services and want to make sure that services in Calderdale are easily accessible for local people.

LibDem Policy

Penny in the Pound to support ongoing funding deficit. Health & Social Care

Calder Valley Impact

Residents are naturally concerned about increasing housing stock and the impact on infrastructure such as schools, medical amenities, growing need to address an ageing society, mental health and well being and loneliness is neglected. By securing and ringfencing a penny in the pound will allow us to maintain a well funded NHS and our Local Hospital.

Calderdale lacks a University, what we find is that cities that have facilities connected to Universities provide better services, support and treatments. It is about time we demanded our hospitals and health services have a more prominent role and involvements with research organisations. This will unlock huge potentials and opportunities to deliver better treatments.

Brexit Impact

If Brexit happens, Donal Trump has made it clear that if a Free Trade Agreement is to be secured with the UK after Brexit, everything is on the table including the NHS – the recent Despatches programme has shown under Johnson’s instruction, secret talks with US Big Pharma have already commenced. I have a simple message for everyone:


Spread the message.