My Position

We are desperately short of housing and I seek to improve the planning process to speed things up. We also need to be conscience of our green spaces and a gearing up the local services that needs to be address. Increase in traffic, increasing number of school places, GP surgeries they are all connected.

Affordable housing is the solution, those relying, a policy area that needs to be considered is converting old industrial sites into the new estates which must pass the planning applications stages of which change of use is critical. This also means preserving our green spaces.

LibDem Policy

Visit this site to see the national policy in Liberal Democrats Manifesto – Housing

Calder Valley Impact

Calderdale council have been provided a target to develop 1,000 new houses per year which the council has indicated most appropriate figure is 837 per year. Land available is a challenge and availability of brown-fill land and renewing stock is slowing dwindling. There are a number major development site earmarked for new houses. However they do create secondary issues such as infrastructure.

As the population increases supply and demand for housing stock are up against the market forces. Tenants Vs Landlord is the new battleground, especially in light with the revocation of Section 21 – which landlords are generally against. It won’t come as a surprise that many Councillors are also landlords and its down to them to implement or pass such motions.


The impact is much wider than housing,

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