Lib Dems: Jenrick’s planning reform won’t solve housing crisis

Lib Dems: Jenrick’s planning reform won’t solve housing crisis

Responding to Robert Jenrick’s comments today about the Government’s reforms to the planning system, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Housing, Communities and Local Government Tim Farron said:

“Robert Jenrick’s comments this morning have done nothing to persuade anyone that these planning reforms will alleviate the problems behind the UK’s housing crisis. It is not the lack of planning permission that stops houses being built, but Conservative Minsters’ refusal to invest in social housing.

“Across the the UK thousands of families are stuck on housing waiting lists – but with councils approving nine out of ten planning applications, it is obvious to everyone that reforming planning laws will not help those stuck on waiting lists or those struggling to afford to buy a home.

“Rather than tinkering with planning laws, what Robert Jenrick should be doing is unveiling a huge housebuilding programme of environmentally friendly social homes for rent. The Liberal Democrats want to see 100,000 new social homes built every year, as well as giving local authorities the ability to suspend the right to buy in their own areas, so that we can finally start tackling the housing crisis.”

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