Liberal Democrats call for immediate bilateral ceasefire

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Israel-Gaza conflict: Liberal Democrats call for immediate bilateral ceasefire

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey and Lib Dem Foreign Affairs spokesperson Layla Moran MP have today called for an immediate bilateral ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict.

The purpose of such a ceasefire, which must apply to both Israel and Hamas, would be to get aid in, get the hostages out, and provide space to realise a political solution, ultimately with two states and a lasting peace.

Ed Davey has set out this proposal in full here.

Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs spokesperson Layla Moran MP commented:

“A lasting peace and a two-state solution is the only way to guarantee the dignity and security which both Palestinians and Israelis deserve.

“Hamas clearly cannot remain in charge in Gaza, but a military solution to eliminate them is not possible, nor is it tenable for Israel to reoccupy Gaza.

“Movement towards a political and diplomatic solution is needed more than ever. We have to try something different. The UK Government should be backing an immediate bilateral ceasefire, to provide space to achieve that political solution.

“A ceasefire cannot be an end goal in itself: it must be a step towards peace, contingent upon both parties. Only a sustained political and diplomatic solution will resolve this conflict, not only bringing a cessation of violence now that will help alleviate the humanitarian tragedy impacting millions of innocent Palestinians and provide an opportunity for the release of hostages, but also pointing the way to two states and a lasting peace to this 75-year conflict forevermore.”

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey MP commented:

“For the security of Israelis and the future of Palestinians, Hamas cannot be allowed to continue in charge of Gaza. But more than a month on from Hamas’ condemnable atrocities, it’s increasingly clear that a military solution to eliminate them is not possible.

“Liberal Democrats are urging the UK Government to call for an immediate bilateral ceasefire, as the best option to achieve a political solution. With a devastating humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, an ongoing hostage situation, and growing risk of regional escalation, we must urgently demand a different approach.

“Some who call for a ceasefire really seem to mean freezing the conflict, which is unacceptable as it leaves Hamas in charge of Gaza. We are proposing a ceasefire contingent on both parties, not as an end goal but as a step towards permanent peace.

“It would provide time to facilitate the delivery of aid into Gaza, realise the opportunity to release the hostages, and provide space to intensify diplomacy towards delivering a political solution: Hamas out of Gaza, a two state solution and a lasting peace.”

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