Excerpts from public responses and a addresses of key issues for Calder Valley:

  1. Rebuttal on Mytholmroyds Facebook community page on MP Craig Whittakers claims on securing funding for the flood defences. 
  2. Rebuttal on Calderdale Council 
  3. One hit wonders – politicians serving themselves. 
  4. Time have changed – newspaper submission
  5. Education and Child Care Provisions – 
  6. Policing and Crime – 
  7. Economic Regenration and the case for Localism
  8. One Yorkshire – Yorkshire Devolution is the future. 
  9. NHS and the Health 
  10. BREXIT The Mother of All Disasters 
  11. Economic Regeneration 
  12. Climate Change & The Hydrogen Corridor 
  13. Transportation 

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