Tories talking casually on breaking international law

NI Protocol: Tories talking casually on breaking international law
Reacting to Lord Frost’s speech in Lisbon today on the UK-EU relationship and the Northern Ireland Protocol, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs and Northern Ireland Spokesperson Alistair Carmichael MP said:

“This Conservative Government is playing out like a badly-written farce. The same minister who just months ago was trumpeting the Government’s botched Brexit deal now says it’s intolerable and has to be changed.

“After all the upheaval British businesses have suffered and all the challenges they face now, they need certainty and support from the Government, not more pointless posturing. The solution to disruption and shortages is working together with our friends and neighbours, not picking needless fights.

“Boris Johnson’s Conservatives have got to stop talking so casually about breaking international law. Every time they do this, it weakens the UK’s standing with our closest neighbours and around the world.”

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