Tory MPs refusal to wear masks in Commons utter hypocrisy

Tory MPs refusal to wear masks in Commons “utter hypocrisy”

The Liberal Democrats have said it is “utter hypocrisy” for Conservative MPs not to wear masks in the Commons, after the Health Secretary yesterday urged people to wear masks in crowded spaces.

It comes after Conservative minister Edward Argar was pressed on the issue on the Today programme and said it was up to individual MPs to “reach their own views.”
Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran said:

“It is utter hypocrisy that the public are rightfully being advised to wear masks while Conservative MPs refuse to do so. “The very same day that Sajid Javid was urging the public to take steps to protect themselves against the virus, Conservative MPs were laid across the green benches maskless and irresponsible.
“Cases are skyrocketing and we are getting a feeling of groundhog day as Covid surges again ahead of winter. Conservative MPs and ministers have a duty to lead by example and take precautions to protect themselves, their colleagues and staff.”

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