We Are Living In Historic Times

I am constantly reminded that the world has gone mad. A moment doesn’t go by when BREXIT isn’t raised in a conversation, message, tweet and all news cycles are naturally obsessed.

At every election cycle we are told that this is the most important decision everyone will make for a generation. Although this is very subjective and part of the political machinery running in overdrive, whose job is to convince the majority to side with them. Brexit, however, is not one of those typical events that such tropes that hold.

The outcome of the coming months will not only affect a generation, but many generations to come and will alter our standing in a world where Britain has held in high esteem. The damage has been done and continues with the current impasse. It is shocking to realise that the worlds oldest democracy has itself caught up in this mess. A world which has always looked at us as a model of stability, the better moral compass and leadership on global issues, is now being seen as a clear failure. Polarised views have been entrenched to the point that genuine criticism has been replaced by vulgar profanity driven ranting and verbal abuse in some cases physical. This does not do us justice, something has to be done and quick.

Politics is broken, there is no question about that. We must come to a concord whether we fall into the leave or remain camp. I’m respectful of those that want to leave the EU for whatever reason of which there are many, but I as a remainer, I do not fundamentally believe the way this critical decision has been handled is in our interest as individuals or as a nation.

I firmly back revoking Article 50 to stop the clock to give everyone the breathing room that is so desperately needed to resolve this impasse. Extensions only kick the issue into the short or long grass. Fundamental issues around the backstop have not been addressed and the people continue to be hood-winked with propaganda.

Let’s revoke Article 50, push for a Peoples Vote or a General Election and let human decency takeover for a change.

Spread the message.

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